Introducing the W10X Compensation Plan – Money Now

The W10X compensation plan, Money Now, is designed from the ground up to pay you the most amount of money in the shortest period of time. It’s designed to work with folks who are brand new to the industry, part-time folks and experienced leaders alike.

The W10X compensation plan is a global instant commissions based pay plan. Meaning, that you don’t have to wait for your money. Commissions and bonuses are calculated in real time the moment a sale is made and deposited directly into your personal Uphold account within minutes. Whether the commission was made by you or it’s a bonus from a member of your direct downline, the earnings are immediately deposited to your Uphold account. W10X never even touches your money.

What’s more?… The W10X compensation plan lets you choose how you want to be paid. Take your earnings in currency, cryptocurrency or exchange for gold, silver or platinum. The choice is yours. And W10X pays globally!!!

Here are some highlights from the W10X compensation plan – Money Now

  • Team Bonus Up To 1 Million Dollars Per Week
  • Residual Income And One Time Product Offers
  • $50 Residual Paid Down Unlimited levels
  • Power Bonus Pays Down Unlimited Depth From First Sale
  • Every personal $99 referral Sale Pays $100 Instantly
  • Unlimited $100-$200-$400-$800 Instant Commissions

And that is just some highlights!!!

Also Included In The W10X Compensation Plan…

Introducing 101% Instant Pay  

Every $99 Referral Pays You $100 Instantly

This Creates Massive Ongoing Income For You

Need $500 Today, Refer 5. Need $1000 Today, Refer 10

And Much More!!!

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